About us

We find ourselves in front of a work of art when the actors,
the actions and the objects that are shown appear transparent
and open a window on the fundamental themes of the human condition.

Rudolph Arnheim

Yanez Film is a young independent movie production company, active in the realization of documentaries,
feature films, commercials for web and TV, and of course, the executive production for foreign
cinematographic shootings on the Italian territory. Antonio Tozzi founded it in June 2013.

After ten years of experience on movie and TV sets, Antonio attends, in 2014, a Master in Cinematographic and Media Production Organization at the S3Opus, in collaboration with the FSE, the Ministry of Labor and Lazio Regional Department, and in 2016 the Agpci Masterclass for Producers at the LUISS Creative Business Center and the Masterclass in Production and Sales with Dario Vecchiato at the Academy of Cinema in Tuscany.

In the same year he has participated at the formation program by MAIA Workshops - intensive training for emerging European Producers by Creative Europe.

Yanex Film is associated to AGPCI from 2015.